We hear the word “detox” thrown around a lot in our culture these days. What do detoxes actually do? And how do we determine if we actually need a detox?

According to Dr. Troy Spurrill, a detox is essentially a cleansing or renewing of the body.

When we think of detoxes we usually think about dieting. However, Dr. Troy says detoxes aren’t limited to our physical bodies. He says that sometimes we need to detox ourselves emotionally and spiritually as well.

“Not to take away grace by faith, but it basically is a washing away of our sins. It’s about staying close to God and staying in the Word.”

Even though we don’t have to train our bodies to detox themselves, we do have to monitor what we let into our body, heart, and mind.

“Our body naturally begins to cleanse itself of things that get in the way. It’s so similar to the walk we have as Christians where we have all of these toxins in the media, the people around us, the world around us. Our walk as Christians is filled with this pure perfection that’s complicated by all of these toxins. The main goal of these toxins are to disrupt that perfection.”

“In the health world, detoxification is the elimination of things your body doesn’t need, use or want. These things can actually do harm to us.”

In the same way, when we commit to a spiritual detox, we eliminate things that are not useful for our soul and spirit.

If we’re honest, most of us can probably see some of the things that hamper us on a physical or spiritual level. However, if we continue to treat ourselves poorly, we run the risk of getting used to it.

“You’re desensitizing. The reality is your body does get used to the new norm and you don’t know because it’s happening so slowly.”

As Christians, we should ask God to give us discernment when it comes to ridding our lives of spiritual and physical toxins.

Dr. Troy Spurrill is the CEO and founder of Synapse: A Center For Health and Healing. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular Biology from the University of Manitoba and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University, and has extensive training in Functional Neurology, Functional medicine, Nutrition, and Applied Kinesiology.

Key Scripture: Acts 22:16

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