Whether it is one year or 40 years, celebrating your anniversary can be a powerful experience for you and your spouse. Anniversaries are a reminder to look back at how far God has brought you and your spouse. Dr. Greg Smalley explains the power in walking through those milestone moments of marriage and reminiscing about the good times.

“I think when you reminisce you’re celebrating how far you’ve come as a couple. You’re actually think, hey, we’re quite good together. Even if you feel like you’re roommates, even if you feel like you’ve drifted apart, God has given you an amazing story that’s worth reminiscing. The greatest love story is yours because it’s what God is doing through you, it’s your story.”

Reminiscing gives us hope as we anticipate the future together. Greg’s wife, Erin Smalley shares why expressing affirmation and appreciation towards your spouse is powerful way to strengthen your marriage.

“One of the most amazing things you can do is to really think about how you can affirm your spouse. In Scripture it says people look at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart. Look at who your spouse is, who are they inside and what do you appreciate about them? We should reflect on that and share that with them.”

In the midst of it all, it is important to remember the details and enjoy the celebration. Erin encourages wives to take a cue from her daughter.

“Make it special, like you used to when you were going out on a date. Our daughter Murphy had a date on Sunday night and she started getting ready like three hours before, so do that.”

May your anniversary be a powerful and rejuvenating time for you and your spouse.

Dr. Greg Smalley serves as executive director of Marriage and Family Formation at Focus on the Family.  In this role, he develops and oversees initiatives that prepare individuals for marriage, strengthen and nurture existing marriages and help couples in marital crises. He also serves as a media spokesperson on these matters.

Erin Smalley earned a bachelor degree in nursing at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Erin enjoys speaking at women’s conferences, encouraging women to live in Christ’s freedom.

Key Scripture: James 1:2-4; Proverbs 5:18-19

Featured Songs: Unfinished – Mandisa; Do it Again – Elevation; Hills & Valleys – Tauren Wells

The power of celebrating anniversaries