We all experience some sort of fear in our lives. Perhaps some more than others. Jennifer Kennedy Dean says that we can chip away at our fears by first understanding that fear is a cycle that can be identified and reversed.

“Most of us have certain triggers that bring fear into our lives. Maybe it’s your children, finances, or your health. When you start to recognize that, then as you feel yourself start to go in that very familiar place of fear, you break the cycle, you break the pattern.”

What’s an example of a cycle that must be broken? Jennifer discovered one fear cycle in her life that stemmed from the loss of her brother.

“When I was 19, my 17 year-old brother, who was athletic, robust, and strong, was diagnosed with Leukemia and died a year later.”

According to Jennifer, this fear that someone who seemed so healthy could be taken from her so quickly, was revived later in her life with her own sons.

“When my boys were little, every little thing that happened, I would fear in the back of my mind that though it seemed simple and normal it might turn out to be life-threatening because I knew that could happen.”

Jennifer says that after she identified the pattern of fear, she asked God to show her how she could break the cycle.

“God showed me that praise is an excellent way to break the pattern. Identify the lie that you’re believing and replace it with truth. Little by little, fear will cease to be your habit and default and faith will take its place.”

It’s important to remember that faith is not only activated in the midst of crisis.

“Faith is operating all the time, not just when you feel fearful. It’s always just a complete dependence on God no matter what. As you begin to practice that on your day by day living, that’s what becomes your habit. You can’t make faith your habit by only exercising it during crisis.”

Jennifer Kennedy Dean is Executive director of The Praying Life Foundation and a respected author and speaker.

Key Scripture: Psalm 34:4

Featured Songs: Rise – Danny Gokey; He is With Us – Love & the Outcome; Press On – Building 429

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