It started with one cold morning, Bonnie Floyd received a call at 6:00 AM in the morning letting her know that her parents had been shot aboard a yacht and had been killed.

Prior to the incident, Bonnie desperately wanted her parents to experience the love of Jesus. With a bursting faith, Bonnie made her Dad promise her that if he was ever in harm’s way, he would cry out to Jesus to save Him.

Bonnie’s Dad agreed to make the promise but assured her he would never be in a situation out of his control.

After getting the call that fateful morning, Bonnie was devastated because initial reports suggested her parents were shot in their sleep and it seems as though they had no chance to cry out to God.

As events began to unfold, Bonnie’s husband and her sister-in-law both separately came to her and told her that they believe that God told them that her parents were in heaven with Him.

“They both said, ‘I was praying and crying out to the Lord and I know it seems like they didn’t have time, but I believe that the Lord spoke to me and I believe He said He has them in heaven.’”

After hearing these conflicting reports from the investigators and her loved ones, Bonnie found herself at a crossroads.

“I found myself at this Y in the road where I could choose the path of peace or the path of torment. The path of torment is the enemy telling me ‘they’re dead, they didn’t have time to keep their promise,’ but yet, I have my husband and my sister-in-law speaking words of peace over me from God who only speaks, peace and hope.”

Bonnie realized she had to consciously choose the path of peace, even if it seemed unrealistic.

“I had to choose not to listen to this voice that wants to take me places in my mind that God would never take me.”

About a week later, Bonnie was told by investigators that her parents had actually been held captive for many hours before being killed. While still a tragic story, Bonnie was elated to realize that they had been granted the opportunity to cry out to God.

“What he thought would bring me to my knees in torment, literally brought me to my knees in praise and thanksgiving because I knew that they had time to keep their promise.”

Bonnie Floyd is an author, Bible teacher, and inspirational speaker. Real, relatable and refreshing are words often used to describe Bonnie’s contagious zeal for the Lord and her authentic love for people.

Key Scripture: Deuteronomy 32:3-4

Featured Songs: Unfinished – Mandisa; Rise – Danny Gokey; Glorious – Passion

Bound to a promise with Bonnie Floyd