What does it mean to make the most of each moment we’re given? Singer-songwriter Matthew West shares his faith, music, and stories surrounding his new album

Matthew was compelled to change his mission after an injury to his vocal cords. Doctors told him he might lose his career as a singer – after several months of silence and recuperating following an operation, Matthew started singing again. This time, he was led to write stories for other people rather than himself. His passion now is to tell the stories of those who need God.

One of Matthew’s favorite songs on the album is called Grace Wins. Matthew calls this an anthem for the church.

“I don’t know about you but a lot of times in my journey as a Christian, I get so defeated and I start beating myself up. I think the enemy’s plan is to get us so defeated that he can go on to other matters and we’ll beat ourselves up.

I have the image of the boxing announcer [saying] ‘Are you ready to rumble?’ And then the boxers are supposed to start their match. If you’ve ever seen a fight you know. But the image I have is when they ring the bell, it’s just me in that ring and I just start beating myself up. I mean, that would look ridiculous if we had a pay-per-view fight that looks like that, but that’s many of our spiritual journeys.

In our weakest moments, we hear the lies of the enemy. But there we are in our weakest moments and God is reaching out to us and saying ‘Grace wins.’ You have victory and you can live your life knowing that grace wins every single time.”

Here are some of the lyrics to :

“There’s a war between guilt and grace
And they’re fighting for a sacred space
But I’m living proof
Grace wins every time.”

Key Scriptures: Lamentations 3:22-23; Mark 9:23-25; 1 Timothy 6:17

Other Featured Songs: Hello My Name Is; Forgiveness; Live Forever; Day One; Oh Me of Little Faith; Do Something; World Changers

The artist's corner: Matthew West