Does God really love me? Laura Story says that God’s love is one of the things that people have the most trouble accepting. She says that too often we fall into the trap of believing the lie that if we are struggling it means God has turned His back on us.

“Our culture tells us if you can’t feel God in the midst of your trial then He must not be there. He must have abandoned you because of your sin or because of His apathy. Either way we believe that He’s not an enduring God and a persevering God.”

For Laura, it helps her to think of her love for her own children when thinking about how much God loves her.

“I have three little ones at home which has helped me see what that really means. If I, a very imperfect parent, would never run out and abandon my kids, how much more would a perfect God not abandon me?”

God will never abandon us, nor will He grow tired of loving us.

“If you look through the Scriptures and see how many times He uses the phrase, I will always be with you. He says when you pass through the waters I’ll be with you, the waves will not overcome you. He doesn’t say if, He says when. It’s this preparation for us to know that there will be times in life that will be hard, there will be times in life that we feel alone, but the truth that we know from His Word is that we never are alone, He is always with us and He’s always caring.”

Women especially struggle to believe that God sees and loves them.

“The theme I hear so much from women is that they feel forgotten and more than that, they feel unloved. Maybe it’s a hard marriage they’re in, maybe it’s the residual effects of a father wound they have, they always ask, does God really love me?”

She always points them back to one place.

“Look at the cross, look at what Jesus did. I can’t imagine a greater proclamation of love for someone than sending your only Son, your perfect Son to a cross to die so that God could have a relationship with you. That’s what reminds me, not just that He loves me, but that He likes me, He will rejoice over me with singing, He delights in me. I am the sheep that He left the 99 to chase after.”

Laura Story is a Grammy and Dove award winning artist, speaker, songwriter, author and worship leader.

Featured Songs: Open Hands – Open Hands; You Came Running – Open Hands; Extraordinary – Open Hands; Give You Faith – Open Hands; Death Was Arrested – Open Hands

Artist's Corner: Laura Story