Janet’s drinking habits started casually enough – the typical college experience and the leisurely glass of wine with her husband, but as she says, all of that changed very fast. Her casual glass of wine became multiple glasses throughout the day and into the night.

“When I got married and we started having kids, I quit my full-time job, and I was at home raising two children. I feel like I let it sneak in.”

“It’s stressful caring for two kids, so at the end of the night, dad’s home…let’s kick back and have a glass of wine…2 glasses of wine…3 glasses of wine…cause I earned that, because it was a rough day. It turned into where I would get the kids to bed and I would stay up at night and drink.”

Her habit led to big fights with her husband and big concerns for and from her family.

All the while, Janet worked at a church and struggled to reconcile her faith with her life choices. As she shares during the program, her father said, “Alcohol has become your god,” and it was an act of love from her father that ultimately led her to seek treatment.

After a relapse, Janet fully surrendered to God and has now been sober 18 months! Janet opens up about the importance of a strong support system and how she found her way to sobriety, and her husband, Patrick, also shares briefly how Janet’s addiction impacted him.

“For a guy who has been relatively spineless about many issues, I found it when it came to this one. I’d like to say that I always act in that fashion and I have this amazing fortitude, but the situation called for me to be strong and we prayed a lot. The strength came from where it needed to come from…”

The power of Christ.

When alcoholism hits home