Highlight: Wild and free in Christ

Do you find yourself feeling like you are not enough or too much in a particular setting? Feelings of fear, insecurity and shame often hold us back from experiencing true freedom and the life that God has for us. Jess Connolly shares the feelings of being too much or not enough are a base reaction, not the truth about who we are in Christ.

“In most of my relationships, I would say there’s a temptation for me to feel like I’m a little too much, but there are some relationships or some settings where I feel like I’m not enough.”

“It was good to start to realize that this is my base reaction to things, and this is your base reaction to things.”

We are called to be wild and free in the image of Christ and experience His freedom on a daily basis. Jess points to God’s character to understand the freedom we have in Him.

“God really is wild, the way He created us is wild. God really is free and He gave us freedom through Jesus. We really can stake our claim to those words.”

In this context, being wild and free doesn’t equate to being unconstrained or out of control, it has more to do with this creation that God has accomplished through us. Jess explains,

“Wild is compelled by the love of our Creator, but maybe not so much restrained by what our culture says we’re supposed to be.”

Physical, mental and emotional restraints can prevent us from becoming all that God designed us to be. Jess says we can gain confidence in the freedom to be ourselves by thinking about wild animals.

“Thinking about wild animals, they are very sure of what they’re meant to do, without having to have a lot of input because they’re created beings.”

“Knowing that we’re different, humans are different, and at the same time a lot of the constraints and the conformity that we look toward to help us feel better, to help us feel at ease, is not really necessary if we’re children of God – if we’re daughters of God.”

Jess Connolly is a gal passionate about communicating about Jesus. Whether that’s through writing, speaking, or having a coffee date – she loves spurring other women on and wants to leave her generation more in awe of God than she found it. She’s one of the co-founders of SheReadsTruth, the owner of Naptime Diaries, and the co-founder of The Influence Conference and Network.

Living in the fullness of God

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