Highlight : Don't wound the wounded

“The best choice we can make is to choose instant forgiveness; otherwise we are going to be the miserable person.”

Carol Kent knows what it is to walk through the valley. Her only son was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. In the face of this tragic new normal, Carol and her husband Gene sought to lean on God, keep breathing, and encourage those around them who also have a loved one behind bars. In her new devotional , she shares what happened in the early months of her son’s arrest.

“In the middle of my weakest moments God was there… But I got this note from this woman who contacted all of these ministries on my behalf.”

An acquaintance reached out to a number of ministries and shared what Carol and her family were going through. She claimed her intent was to cover Carol in the prayers of others. Instead Carol was feeling vulnerable, afraid, and exposed by this woman’s actions.

In our darkest moments, it seems Satan sends discouragement our way through other people. Our own minds can convince us that we’re not good enough, that we’ll never be redeemed, or that God doesn’t love us anymore because of what we’re facing. When someone wounds us when we’re already in pain, the temptation to bite back can be overwhelming. Carol chose instead to forgive and lean on God.

“All I could do was cry for a while…I meant to keep this a secret a while longer but now it was all revealed. I found myself having to forgive in my heart. I really believe that a piece of her wanted to have the power of being in touch with all of these ministries, but there was also a piece of her that really did want prayer for family, and sometimes we don’t know where that balance is.”

It’s always better to give people the benefit of the doubt. Carol felt nothing but support and encouragement from the ministries who had heard of her situation. Far from being exposed, she realized the truth was going to be her protection. If someone near you is hurting, don’t expose them to the potential of more pain. Cover them. Pray for them. Choose to guard your words and let God use you to heal them instead of hurt them.

 Carol Kent is a popular international public speaker best known for being dynamic, humorous, encouraging, and biblical. Founder of Speak Up With Confidence , Speak Up Speaker Services, and Speak Up for Hope, Carol is an expert on public speaking, on writing, and on encouraging people to hold on to hope when life’s circumstances turn out differently from their dreams.

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 13:3; Psalm 33:20; Psalm 5:3

Featured Songs: While I’m Waiting by John Waller; Trust in You by Lauren Daigle; Impossible by Meredith Andrews

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