Highlight: What to do while waiting on god

Do you ever feel like God is getting you ready for something big, but he hasn’t let you experience it yet?

Dr. Chris Hill says this is probably what David felt when in the presence of King Saul.

“David is there to just play his harp and sing some songs, he doesn’t go in there and say, hey I’m the next king.”

Chris reminds us to remain patient and wait on the Lord, like David did.

“I think you can short circuit your own opportunity by blowing your cover prematurely by trying to manipulate the situation and force the hand of God. Sometimes God wants us in the room to begin to frame our own thinking about our future.”

We can’t rush God.

“We have to embrace the place that we are in, we have to say, God I want to learn everything that you have for me to learn, I want you to work on my character. Preparation is a huge part of purpose.”

How should we respond when God gives us glimpses of where he is taking us?

Chris points us back to the life of David. While David was serving a crazed king in Saul, God was preparing him for the throne.

“God teaches us not only from the good that we see in others, but also from the bad.”

We can learn as much from a good example as we can a bad one.

“It’s all of those experiences, the good, bad, and ugly that help to form who we are. We have to learn how to thank God even when working with crazy people, when we feel like we’re under attack, when we feel misunderstood, because it’s just preparing us for when we’re in a position of authority or influence that we’ll be a better leader and servant.”

Dr. Chris Hill serves as the senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Denver. Now one of the fastest growing churches in America, The Potter’s House provides one of Denver’s largest homeless initiatives, a prison ministry that serves over ten prisons state-wide, a free counseling center, and services for veterans, seniors, and youth.

Key Scripture: Philippians 4:19

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