After a son does the unthinkable, how can a mother go on?

Terri Roberts‘ son walked into an Amish schoolhouse in October of 2006, carrying guns and a sense of depression. He took the lives of several young schoolgirls before turning the gun on himself. Terri’s world, and what she knew of her mild-mannered son, were shattered. After several years she penned her story,  .

When tragedies like the shooting in Pennsylvania occur, the violence and devastation is usually the focus. However, this time it was different.

The story didn’t focus on the crime Terri’s son committed. Instead, it focused on the counter-cultural love and forgiveness that the Amish community showed towards the Roberts family.

“What could the media say? When the Amish were coming forth with forgiveness, it was such a blessing to us because we were able to move forward.”

The Amish community set an amazing example for how we all should respond when we are sinned against.

“What if we as Christians could follow that example, even when it costs us, to forgive in such a way with such grace and honor that becomes the bigger story?”

Instead of responding to the Roberts family with hatred, they responded with Christ-like love.

“What are we witnessing to other people when as Christians we hold something inside and hold onto a grudge or bitterness?”

We might not always want to forgive or feel like we should, but we must.

“We choose to forgive; it’s not a feeling or an emotion. So often we base our decisions on our feelings or emotions which does not move us forward in a healthy way.”

When we harbor resentment in our hearts it is our way of trying to punish those who wronged us. However, we are the ones who suffer.

God calls us to forgive those who wrong us because that is what He has done for us. God wants us to live free of the resentment that weighs us down and hinders the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 4:6-7Matthew 7:7-11

Featured Songs: If I Have You by Vertical Church Band; We Will Not Be Shaken by Bethel Music; Calvary by Hillsong

Highlight : A story of forgiveness