Highlight : How to understand your capacity

“We need to allow ourselves to be unique and stop having expectations of one another.”

God made us all differently, and some of us can carry more than others. Jill Savage shares how we can understand the capacity God has given each person. She defines capacity as the physical and emotional energy you have to accomplish any given tasks.

“A medium-low capacity mom would juggle maybe three balls and feel like ‘That’s enough… I can’t do more than that.’ A medium-high capacity mom might juggle six balls and say ‘Okay, that’s enough for me.’”

Jill coauthored a book with her daughter Anne, who has identified herself as having a medium-low capacity. For years, Anne had struggled to understand why she couldn’t juggle as many activities and responsibilities as her mother and other good friends. Once Anne realized they were simply made differently, it set her free. As she put it,

“It simply helps me embrace me.”

How does this affect friendship?

When we recognize that we’re all wired differently, it frees us from comparing ourselves to each other. Jill points out why this is so important as we seek to build friendships with other moms.

“When we can embrace who we are, it also helps us to embrace who others are and allow them to be different than us and allow ourselves to be different from them.”

When we surround ourselves with those who are wired differently from us, we can learn from each other. Those who move quickly can empower those who move slowly. Those who move slowly urge their high-capacity friends to rest. We need each other! Jill shares what it’s meant for her life.

“We balance each other out. That whole capacity thing has been huge in understanding myself as a mother, understanding my kids, understanding my husband, and also understanding the moms that I am living life with.”

Jill Savage is an author and speaker who is passionate about motherhood, marriage, and family. Jill is the co-author of two books and the author of six including, , and  .

Key Scriptures: Philippians 1:6; Ephesians 4:32

Featured Songs: Grace Wins by Matthew West; Unashamed of You by Chris August; Do Everything by Steven Curtis Chapman

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