What’s the difference between someone who is generous and someone who is greedy? According to Chuck Day the difference is in how you relate to your money.

“I get to see this all the time and sometimes I think the world is divided into two classes. One group of people where their money owns them. The other group of people who clearly own their money and they demonstrate that every day by giving it away.”

Many people struggle with their money ruling over them, if that’s the case, what can we do?

“If you want to can assert control over something like money, which is such an idol in our culture, you want to assert management, you want to assert control – give it away.”

When we wisely give our money away, how we relate to it changes.

 “I see people who derive so much more joy from giving something away than from owning it. They can’t wait to give away more stuff.”

Chuck Day has many years of experience in estate planning and the generosity he has witnessed has had a lasting impact on him.

“I get to watch some extremely smart people, with a great heart for the Lord, do some incredibly sacrificial and creative things with their resources that made me go home at night and really reexamine how I looked at my stuff.”

Today Chuck works in the developing world with International Justice Mission. He sees first-hand how far our idea of pocket change can go in third-world countries.

“I see how far a dollar goes. Our full time attorneys in Cambodia earn ten thousand dollars a year. If you want to have great impact with your giving the developing world is where you can have an enormous amount of impact.”

Featured Songs: Thank you – Bethel Music; Give Me Your Eyes – Brandon Heath; With Every Act of Love – Jason Gray

Key Scriptures: Psalm 24:1John 10:10

Highlight: Stewardship and generosity

Biblical stewardship

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