“I think that people today need to see the reality of Jesus. He’s relevant for today and He has answers for today.”

Many young people are cynical to the idea of God. Instead, in every culture around the world, they’re turning instead to alcohol, sexual distractions, pop culture, and false religion to fill their need to be loved.

Steiger International has a mission to reach this generation with the news of Jesus and see them walking with purpose. Aaron Pierce, son of co-founders David and Jodi Pierce, shares the message of the ministry.

“Our mission is to reach the global youth culture to communicate Jesus in a language they can understand and then develop a way of discipling them and growing them in their faith.”

One of the tools of Steiger is creative arts. They’ve been able to perform heavy metal concerts and street dramas in venues all over the world, from closed countries to red-light districts. Because of their willingness to go into volatile and secular places, God is changing the hearts of youth in every country.

The outreaches and concerts have been met with incredible opposition but the band – No Longer Music – is steadfast in their mission.

“Some of the most cynical ones are often the first ones to come and fall on their knees and give their life to Jesus.”

During one concert in Beirut, Lebanon, a band performing alongside No Longer Music came forward at the end of the event and each member became a believer. David credits the power of God, because this band was known for its controversial name and lyrics. When the news of the Gospel is shared with broken hearts, people are moved to respond.

“When they discover this Jesus, who this Jesus is, they want Him. They want to know Him.”

On another occasion, No Longer Music was playing alongside a different secular band known as The Falling Melons. David asked if he could pray for them before the show, and the entire band came to faith in Christ. At David’s altar call at the end of the concert, they all filed up onto the stage and committed to following Jesus.

God wants to use you to bring others to faith. What are your gifts? How can you use them to share the Gospel message?

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 11:6; Ephesians 1:18; 1 Chronicles 16:31

Featured Songs: Not Getting Any Better by No Longer Music; Whatever the Reason by Disciple

Highlight : God’s heart for global youth

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