Are you saying yes to God’s plans for your life?

When we say yes to God, you are saying yes to being swept into something much greater than anything of this world. Susie shares the visual of the Raging River of God’s Yes. There are some things that God has already said He cares about, such as fighting against human trafficking or caring for the orphan. These issues are close to God’s heart and they run in the river.

When you jump into that river, when you say yes to being the hands and feet to those whom He loves, than you can accomplish more. By saying yes to God and stepping into His power you will be carried along by a power that is bigger than you. It is in these times of yes that God works to accomplish more than you are physically able.

Often that story looks nothing like the one we would have written for ourselves. Saying yes to God can lead to life transformation for us and those around us.

How is God asking you to take a step into the river?

Paul Hurckman from Venture Expeditions believes that many Christians are paralyzed by uncertainty, but all they really need to do is take the first step.

“For all of us it starts with a step of yes.”

There is a way for each of us to step into the river that fits who we are and how God has created us.

“What is God talking to you about today and what is your simple yes? It could be kindness to a child, a neighbor, it could be pulling over and allowing someone dignity.”

“Our step of yes could be a start to getting in that raging stream. You will never ever be sad that you took that step.”

Our simple step of yes could be the start of something amazing.

Key Scripture: Isaiah 1:17

Featured Songs: We Must Not by Selah; Do Something by Matthew West; I Refuse by Josh Wilson.

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