Highlight - When you reach your breaking point

Jay has experienced the darker places alcohol can take you and the freedom that Christ offers. He shares part of his journey through addiction, healing and back to Christ.

“My mom got sick in October 2010, she had double pneumonia. We were at her bedside 24 hours a day. I was on assignment for one particular night and I was supposed to be there overnight and I left to go drink.”

I left my mom at the hospital when she was on her on her deathbed to go and drink.”

That was a moment where Jay came to a realization of the extent of his drinking.

“I went back to the hospital room that night after bar closed and I remember crying in the the bathroom of the hospital room.”

His mom survived, but that experience wasn’t enough to keep Jay from drinking. It was two years later that he finally can to the end of himself. Living on his own, Jay had been able to keep the extent of his drinking a secret from family and friends; his path to recovery started with a confession to his mom.

“I broke down and went and told her what was going on and my problem with alcohol. We formulated a plan to get into treatment and we identified Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.”

“I still went on drinking a couple of weeks after my conversation with my mom, but I remember a particular Tuesday night because I was in no condition to drive and I got a taxi ride home. I woke up the next morning and I remember walking out and looking for my car and then realizing I was brought home, so I called another taxi to come get me.

“I remember sitting in my car outside the bar and that was my breaking point, and I called Teen Challenge that day.”

“That was October 5, 2012 and I went in that Friday and I haven’t had a drink since.”

When you reach your breaking point