“We’re a society that loves a one-year, five-year, ten-year plan.”

God doesn’t always tell us where He’s taking us. He just asks us to take a step. When God is leading us, we don’t ever have to be afraid, though it happens often. In her book Come With Me, Proverbs 31 speaker and author Suzie Eller knows this all too well.

She was intending on joining a missions team in India in 2017.  With only a few weeks’ notice she was informed that the trip had been moved up by one year and conflicted with a book launch, a ministry deadline. From Suzi’s perspective the change felt impossible.

“I remember holding up my Google calendar with its red and yellow and green stripes… and saying ‘I can’t do this.’

God’s question came to her heart and instantly changed her perspective – Are you more interested in launching a book about following Me Suzie, or actually following where I lead?

Suzie changed her mind, her plans, and her footsteps, and boarded the plane to India just a few weeks later. Her step of faith bore fruit that will last beyond her trip.

“We have those moments; Abraham had that moment. It’s not always going to be convenient. It’s not always going to be our timing… but the things that I got to experience, praying with women that were completely hopeless and trapped in a religion that offered them nothing but a plethora of gods… how in the world was I so foolish to hold up my calendar to You and fail to understand that You have a plan?”

Abraham chose to trust God – and he became a father of many. Suzie chose to trust God – and she was able to minister to women in India who were spiritually lost and illiterate. Will you choose to trust God? What will He do through your obedience?

Key Scriptures: Philippians 3:8; Luke 5:4-6; Matthew 10:2-4

Featured Songs: Unashamed by Chris August; Impossible by Meredith Andrews; Faithful to the End by Bethel Music

Highlight : Lessons of faith from Abraham

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