Novel Talk: Beth Moore

Have you ever wondered where God was when you needed Him most? You felt beat up by life and you felt like God wasn’t there to save you?

When it seems like the waters are rising and trials will take over – God wont let us lose. But He has to let us fight; some battles are necessary to building us up into who God wants us to be. Beth Moore explains why God doesn’t rescue us from our problems and instead help us through our problems so that we become stronger in the process.

“Liberty in Christ is a life message to me. If someone said what is the most important thing you want to speak to it is  loving the Lord Jesus Christ with everything we have in us, being free in Him to be the person that He ha predestined us to be, and to fulfill our calling.”

Beth shares one of the most important keys to living the life sold-out for Christ.

“You will never be set free in Christ to abundant living and to the fullness of what He has ordained you to do if you don’t fight that thing out, fight for your own freedom, for yourself.”

All of us must be on our faces before God, meeting with Him in prayer.

“You’re never going to get that by somebody else’s intercessory prayer, they can help you, but it’s between you and Jesus because an intimacy has to take place there.”

“God wants to build me into a warrior, but I have to fight for it.”

God had promised to give the Israelites the Promised Land, however they still had to fight for it.

“They were going to have to develop the muscle to keep it, and this is us. The thing about it is, the enemy is over there on the ground that God wants to give us, so we’ve got to use spiritual muscle and fight the thing out and develop our prayer lives and get in God’s Word for ourselves, in order to get over there to that land.”

“Not only that, the enemy is going to come back for it so we need to keep that spiritual muscle.”

Beth Moore has written many best-selling books and is a dynamic teacher and a prolific Bible-study author whose public speaking engagements take her across the United States to challenge tens of thousands.

Key Scripture: Joshua 1

Featured Songs: If We’re Honest – Francesca Batestelli; All for the One Who Saved Me – River Valley; Your Presence – River Valley

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