Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?

Dr. Preston Sprinkle poured over Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, read countless books and articles from scholars from across the spectrum to answer and came to the conclusion that the Bible does condemn homosexuality. However the Bible calls us to recognize our own brokenness and our own need for sexual healing first.

When Preston sat down with men and women who struggle with same-sex attraction his theological beliefs didn’t change – but his compassion grew.

He shares the story of a believer, Tim, who was struggling with same-sex attraction. Tim wanted fellowship and community but felt ostracized by his church. After wandering the street one day, he entered an adult bookstore and had an anonymous sexual encounter with another man.

“He walked out of the store, fell on the ground and started looking up at the pawn shops wondering if they would sell him a gun so he can shoot himself. He was just in turmoil. His flesh got the best of them in that moment but he was still deeply committed to Christ. He knew it wasn’t right.”

Tim wished he had felt more loved by the church. Many Christians are uncomfortable engaging with someone who is gay, but demonstrating love and sacrifice to them can meet the need they’ve been wrestling with.

Preston has a challenging question for us to consider. What if things were different?

“What if the church was so excessively loving that it maybe satisfied this craving for deep intimacy?”

As humans, we can live without sex, but we can’t live without intimacy; we can’t live without love. By building bridges with those who live with same-sex attraction, and those who feel lonely in general, we can bring people into fellowship and show them what true love looks like.

“The church, by becoming hyper-intimate and hyper-loving, can actually satisfy the deepest longing in the heart of every person.”

Key Scriptures: Luke 5:32

Featured Songs: Not For a Moment by Meredith Andrews; Move – Keep Walkin’ by Toby Mac; Just Be Held by Casting Crowns

Highlight: Loving others with compassion

Loving others with compassion