“We have a tendency to fear bad news even when there is no bad news. We fear that bad news might be just around the corner, and that very fear robs us of living in the moment. Jesus did not live in fear of bad news. He knew that whatever came, He would be fully supplied by His Father.” – An excerpt from 

If anybody had something to fear it would be Jesus knowing what He was facing on the cross and yet He lived in faith over fear. Jennifer Kennedy Dean shares how we can emulate how Jesus lived in faith in the face of things to fear.

“Who had a more chaotic life than Jesus? He had whatever it is that we have legitimately to fear times hundred. And yet he lived so at rest, with His heart and his soul so at rest.”

Jesus did not dwell or worry about what was ahead of Him at the cross. Instead He faced each day with the provision and grace He received from the Father. In times of trial, bad news and worry, we are to do the same. If we wonder what bad news is coming, we can remember Who will meet us in that moment. God gives us grace for each hurdle in the moment and not before.

“Whatever bad might happen will be met at that moment with the power and provision of the Father. He does not give grace and power for the things we imagine into the future about.”

Jennifer shares how she and her late husband learned this after he was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer. It was too far along for treatment, and Jennifer recalled the doctor’s unthinkable words to Wayne…“I think we’re measuring your life in weeks.”

If Jennifer had imagined that in advance, she might have completely fallen apart under the burden of this news. Yet in that moment, a peace flooded both of them that could only have come from God. The peace stayed as Wayne’s health quickly deteriorated in the coming weeks, and eventually God used the cancer to take him home. There may have been grief, but Jennifer leaned on God as her Father and trusted Him as Jesus did. She shares what God showed her in those days following her husband’s passing.

“There is no bad news, there is no event that might occur in your life for which the Father will not be fully present in that moment.”

Key Scriptures: John 5:19-20

Featured Songs: Touch the Sky by Hillsong; Impossible by Meredith Andrews; Sovereign by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : In sync with the rest of Jesus

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