“The devil makes a flawed person worse through lies.” – Tim Keller

Satan is strategic in the lies he uses to draw us into sin. Bill shares six strategies Satan uses.

Bait and hook

“He shows you the bait, but hides the hook. There are certainly short term pleasures, but he hides the long term misery.”


“He will help you rationalize sin. ‘I don’t have a drinking problem, I’m just a social guy, I like hanging out i like doing fun stuff, I’m a party person.’


“He’ll show you the sins of other Christians. ‘He did it to, come on! How bad can it be, so-and-so did it?’


“Satan will use the the strategy of overstressing the mercy of God. ‘You can go ahead and do it, and God will forgive you, that is His job. He’s obligated to forgive because that’s His job.'”


“He will help make you bitter over your suffering. ‘I have suffered enough, don’t I deserve this? Come on, I need a little bit of a break, and to change the way I feel.'”

Playing by the rules

“Playing by the rules doesn’t pay off. “What’s the point? I don’t play by the rules and it doesn’t work.’


Highlight – Lies we believe

Lies we believe

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