What does it look like to let God lead? Sometimes God directs us to obey his leading with little idea of the outcome; through it all we can trust that He will lead us to Himself.

“If anything is true it is that I will see my redeemer in the land of the living. I will see Him here, and I have. I have seen Him work through people.”

Sara Groves shares how she was lead by God to travel down to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

“I remember pulling in down there, with no communication, no cell phones, nothing. We were getting instructions from drivers, truckers and other people as we made our way closer. We pulled this place, it was a church that had been roughed in, but not finished so it was like a warehouse. I got off the bus and said I’m from Minnesota and we have baby supplies.”

The woman who had meet them fell to her knees in praise because they had a desperate need of baby supplies.

“They had been operating this makeshift store. People could come and shop there and she said the baby supplies just had dwindled to nothing.”

This wasn’t the first time God had provided for their needs and sent the supplies they prayed for in the moment they needed it most.

“She said this has been happening for the last three days. When we run out a truck drives into the parking lot. It was the most incredible thing.”

The next Sunday, Sara was back at her church singing the song  by Chris Tomlin. A line in the song talks about seeing the storehouses of God. This spiritual idea comes from Job 38 and harkens back to God’s provision in times of trial.

“I’m weeping thinking I’ve seen one, I’ve seen a storehouse of God.”

When we follow God’s leading he will reveal Himself in ways we could never imagine.

“God wants to work here. He doesn’t want to just whisk us what away to another world. God wants us to be his people doing his word and work in the world.”

Featured Songs: I Saw What I Saw by Sara Groves; Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves; Tell Me What You Know by Sara Groves

Key Scripture: Psalm 103

Highlight: Letting God lead

God’s heart for justice