“Over the last two to three weeks I bet I had at least 50 guys that relapsed.”

The Reverend Johnny Hunter looks at why people relapse and how they can maintain sobriety.

“One thing I truly believe when men relapse they’ve missed Him.”

He starts by asking some important questions:

“When men relapse, they miss some point in their maintenance. Taking your care of yourself is so important.”

“One of the first questions I ask… How are you taking care yourself? Where you going to your meetings? Where you going to church? Where you helping somebody else? Did you meet God every morning before you met man? Usually, every time I hear about a read lapse, none of those things are in place.”

These aren’t just hypothetical questions, Reverend Johnny recently had this scenario play out.

“I had a young man come to church one morning. He is going through relationship problems and he relapsed. I asked him, ‘How are you taking care of yourself?‘”

“He couldn’t mention one time where he said a prayer or he helped somebody else in the last eight to ten months. All of a sudden he found himself at the bar and drinking.”

When we take our eyes off of the Christ, and let our attentions be distracted, we open ourselves up to temptation and relapse.

“Men that relapse take their eye off the prize, and I call that prize Jesus Christ.”

Are you missing Christ in your life? As you go about your week, consider how you are taking care for yourself, helping others, and intentionally meeting with God.

Highlight – Keeping an eye on the Prize

Keeping an eye on the Prize