Highlight - Jesus changes hearts

Jesus can change the heart of an addict, and as Jeni found out, it can start with a simple invitation to church.

“My friend invited me to church. She knew that I just liked Jesus so she invited me there. There was no expectation like, ‘I’ve got to get Jeni here so she changes.’ It was all God.”

Jeni didn’t have to clean her life up to go to church and encounter God’s love. In fact, she was still using the first time she went, and God still made an impact on her life.

 “It was a breakdown…bawling. I just couldn’t get up – couldn’t leave – total conviction. Every time I went there I felt that, I felt convicted. I would cry. I would sit there until everybody was gone and I knew something was happening in my heart. I knew that this was real. This was God.”

Even while God was working on Jeni’s heart, she didn’t overcome her addiction. As it is for so many, it was a process.

 “He was working on me, and it didn’t it didn’t come off right away. I was a user. I’d go to church and I’d think ‘I’m not driving into that liquor store.’”

Sometimes I’d turn around, sometimes I didn’t. It peeled off – I had to do layers.”

Jeni knows that the process of renewal and the desire for change came straight from Heaven.

“I knew that that desire was from him. I knew that it was I was hooked, and I was being pulled in and I could feel that and I would pray for him to take my hands because they’re not mine. I know it says in the Bible not to be drunk, but let me feel what I feel (when I’m drunk) when I’m with you and it happened for me.

Jesus changes hearts