Hungering for righteousness and justice

Our world is full of cries for justice, but is it possible that we’ve forgotten something in our unquenchable hunger for it? Scripture shows us that the very foundation of God’s throne is on both justice and righteousness.

“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.” Psalm 89:14

Kathy Schwanke explains that while it is important to seek justice, it is equally essential to seek righteousness.

“It just resonated with me because of all of the cries for justice in our world right now. I just keep seeing over and over that we want justice done for the unrighteous deeds.”

Since God’s throne is built equally on justice and righteousness, we can’t ignore one or the other.

“The balance of justice and righteousness just struck me, we need to cry out as much for righteousness as we do for justice; those are two pillars. I thought about the picture of the throne and if there’s one on each side and one’s missing it’s going to be broken.”

We are in dire need of restoration of both pillars, righteousness and justice. We will only be restored if we turn back to Christ.

What is true righteousness?

“Righteousness is a right relationship between God and man, and between man and man. If we are acting rightly, we have good relationships, but our world is full of chaos and division right now. I think that’s God’s message to us in this day that we need to pray, go to the throne of righteousness and justice and pray for the restoration of both of those things in our day.”

Let’s ask God to help us hunger and thirst for right relationships with both God and man as much as we hunger for justice in this world.

Kathy Scwanke is a Woman’s Ministry Director, Bible Study teacher, MOPS mentor mom, blogger, social media sister, speaker and writer.

Key Scripture: Psalm 89:14

Featured Songs: Thank you – Bethel Music; Not By Might – Robin Mark; Strength of My Heart – Rend Collective

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