As husbands, what can we do to help our wives flourish?

“The woman’s top need is to feel pursued emotionally and spiritually.”

Counselor Todd Mullikin expands on what it means for a husband to pursue his wife.

“It is being the initiator of conversation and coming towards her.”

Woman want to be noticed and thought about. When a husband pursues his wife and compliments specific qualities about her, those same qualities tend to become more apparent.

“Sometimes it’s just a kind word, ‘you look beautiful today,’ or ‘I’m so glad I’m married to you.'”

This sort of intentionality often happens in dating relationships but falls away as the rhythm of married life takes form. Todd encourages men to initiate your relationship with your wife in love.

“He needs to start to initiate, start to create, start to pursue her with planning, with being a good parent, to be present.”

It is important to find a way to intentionally pursue your wife in a way that fits your personality and your relationship.

“Some of us are really good at planning, some of us don’t know what day it is.”

“If you’re a good planner than use a gift to sit down with your wife every Sunday and look at the week, look at the month.”

“If you’re not a planner, if you’re in the moment, you’re spontaneous, then when you’re thinking about a date, when you’re thinking about a getaway – text her, knock on her door. Talk to her about the fact that you’d love to spend some time with her on a date.”

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