Highlight - Helping others through suffering

“God put two things in my life. He put addiction in my life, and He put losing a child in my life. I take it God put that in my life because He wants me to help others with addiction and others who have lost a child.”

Those are the unbelievable words of Tony, who found a way to glorify God in the most difficult time of his life. George affirms Tony’s faith and commitment to using his tragedy for God’s glory.

“I’ve seen that happen. What I really admire about you [Tony] is you actually are talking about what God has done in your life to help you carry forward. You celebrated three years of sobriety this summer and I’ve heard you give God all the credit for it.”

As George points out, Tony doesn’t just talk about his faith after the loss of his child, Tony lived it.

“One of the things that he said, and I don’t want to skirt by this, is when he’s really hurting, what does he do? Two hours a night in the Word.”

“He knows that that’s where his strength is going to come from.”

Bill asks Tony, what about relapse at a time like this?

“Every single person that I know thought I was going to relapse.”

“It’s unbelievable!”

“It’s God.”

George points out the amazing opportunity that Tony had to share the gospel through the loss of his son.

“At this funeral, there’s four hundred, five hundred people there, there’s a lot of non-believers, and they heard the gospel message because this kid never took a breath on earth, he went straight to heaven. And if you’re a Christian at that service, you’re thinking, ‘We’ve got a great God. He’s got us.’

Helping others through suffering

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