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Sometimes God calls us to something bigger and deeper than we could ever imagine. How often are we too afraid to take the leap of faith?

For Dan and Sandy Adler, they saw God calling them to something bigger in the form of worship ministry.

“I felt like I heard God speak to me and say, you need to think bigger than this, not more grandiose, but bigger than this one congregation. I felt like God was calling us to take the platform we had, and the ability we had, and use it to build bridges between Christians of different races and denominations, and to be an advocate for other people, and try to build community in a better way.”

The Adler’s took a step of faith and left their congregation and founded Heart of the City Worship Ministries. At first the transition wasn’t easy, in fact, the Adler’s struggled to find the foundation they had enjoyed at their previous congregation.

“When you leave a church, and begin a new para-church ministry, there’s a loneliness that is so deep. All the sudden, we’re not part of the inside workings of this church that was so vital to our lives. We felt lonely, displaced, and homeless for a long time. It was a painful season of our lives as we tried to get our feet underneath this brand new ministry.”

Despite the hardship of transitioning away from a solid foundation, God was still able to use the season of life for good.

“It was during that time that two really key songs came that were sort of this bottom line. We found ourselves asking this question, who are we apart from this place? What are we about? We realized we’re still exactly who we were before, we still have the exact same passions for the exact same thing, we’re still after the heart of Christ.”

Dan and Sandy Adler have been married and have been performing together since 1984.  They are both graduates of Crown College.  They have two children, Danielle and Ben, and live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Together, Dan and Sandy blend their voices and their hearts with their passion for worship, renewal and unity in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Key Scripture: Colossians 3:12

Featured Songs: He’s Always Been Faithful – Sara Groves; Together – Steven Curtis Chapman; Faithful To the End – Bethel Music

Heart of the City Ministries