Highlight: Healing deeply

Is it possible to rebuild a broken marriage, better than new? It happened in Cindy Beall‘s marriage. She believes that the rebuilding process starts with healing deeply.

“We all experience pain. I don’t care what you do in life or how you live, pain is no respecter of persons no matter how, rich, tall, short, race, everything. When pain happens in our lives, a lot of us want it to go away and when pain happens in someone’s life that we’re close to, we want them to get better fast.”

We don’t like pain, whether it’s in our lives or the lives of those we love. We want it to be over quickly. However, Cindy says that’s not reality.

“So what do we do? We try to rush through the healing process and we just want it all to be better.”

So how do we heal deeply?

“When I talk about healing deeply I tell people you cannot bypass the pain, you cannot try to get around it. You cannot try to just skip over the hard part. You have to go through it.”

This can be easier said than done, Cindy says that we often run into things that trigger the pain we are trying to work through.

“Any time you experience something hard in life, whether it’s a loss of a person or something difficult in your life there are things that will remind you of that season. I lost my dad when I was nineteen and for years there were things that I would see and it would remind me of him and I would cry.”

When we encounter triggers we usually want to push them away.

“We’re going to medicate in some other way, whether it’s alcohol, shopping, drugs or anything just to get rid of the pain and we can’t do that we have to push through the pain.”

Cindy says that instead of stuffing the pain, we should all learn to process through the pain even if it means we cry for a while.

“Then we follow it up with this, God what do you want me to learn how do you want me to grow closer to you. What can I do to help others through this?”

Cindy Beall is a writer, speaker and mentor to women. She enjoys watching college football, hanging out with her sons, and sitting on her back porch sipping coffee with her husband, Chris.

Rebuilding a marriage better than new