“You have not a single piece of evidence from antiquity, not a single non-Christian document or Christian document, that describes any of the twelve ever recanting their story.”

Many people struggle to believe Jesus was the Son of God. Some go so far as to claim that the early followers lied about His resurrection and concocted a story instead of accepting the death of their friend.

Author and scholar J. Warner Wallace was an avowed atheist for years who shared their disdain – but now he believes in Jesus. He fields common questions about the Christian faith, including the question of conspiracy.

Is it possible the entire story – Jesus healing the blind, raising the dead, resurrecting Himself – is a fable?

Jim has addressed that question many times. He shares the five essential parts of a well-crafted conspiracy.

1. Few people involved.
2. A short period of time in which you’re trying to maintain the conspiracy.
3. Excellent communication between co-conspirators.
4. Good strong family relationships.
5. No pressure from outside sources.

When these criteria are applied to the gospel accounts, the theory falls apart immediately. The early followers of Jesus were scattered in many areas, with no opportunities for them to rehearse their stories. The disciples faced the rejection of their own people, physical beatings in every town, and ultimate death at the hands of Rome (except for the disciple John).

In that light, the conspiracy theory seems ridiculous, while the steadfastness of the disciples is mind-blowing. Jim’s conviction is firm – given the historical accounts and the witness of the disciples, this was no conspiracy.

“If you want to end this in the first century, here’s how you do it…You get the body of Jesus and drag it around town or you get the twelve to recant. We don’t have a single recanted story. That’s powerful.”

Jim shares more evidence for Scripture in his book, . You can also see him in the new movie God’s Not Dead 2.

Key Scriptures: 1 Peter 3:15; 1 Corinthians 15:1-8; Luke 1:1-4

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