“I thought I was going to die a year ago – I thought it was over. And I wanted to die, I didn’t want to live anymore. I was on the cusp.”

Charlie reflects on where he was a year ago and how God had a bigger plan for his life.

“Then I found something different. I found Christ…and He’s continuing to carry me forward. I’m doing things in my life for him that I never thought I’d do.

God has purpose for our lives, and intends for us to feel joy and happiness. Charlie has a future free from addiction and it’s changing every part of his life.

“Now I get to help other people and that’s changing things for me. I was just asked to be on the board of a church. If you were to tell me that I was going to sit on the board of a church I would have laughed in your face.”

God takes us ordinary people and does extraordinary things with us. That’s part of God’s plan.

“I feel Him every morning when I wake up.”

“I was never happy, I didn’t feel any peace or any serenity. There was just misery in my life and that’s all I knew. I wake up every morning happy. I can’t explain to anybody what a change that is for me. I was always hurting, always miserable, always looking at the worst side of things. I was being a pessimist and not an optimist.”

God is the only source of true happiness.

“Christ brought me to a point where or I get to be happy every day, and I get to love who I am as opposed to hating and loathing who I am, and that has been the most miraculous change in my life.”

Highlight – Finding true happiness

Finding true happiness