Highlight: Is it ever too late to return to God?

What happens when you feel like your life is out of control, or you feel like too messed up for God to ever accept you again?

Chad Mattson of the band Unspoken tells the story of someone close to the band who was the model of integrity until one day, everything changed.

“Our sound guys best friend is a guy that led worship, was a traveling musician, was in full-time ministry, and he just had a huge moral failure. He lost his family, his job, and all this other stuff. Years later you see him trying to pretend in his own mind and his own heart that he’s doing okay.”

“If I could say one thing to him, I would say, you can come back home, God is always willing to take us, you don’t have to pretend it’s alright, you don’t have to live this life with that weight on your shoulders.”

Shortly after, Chad and his bandmates went into a songwriting sessions and the song  was born.   

“We were talking about this story, and we were saying you can change when you bring your life to the cross, it doesn’t matter where you find yourself. This song is really about a step towards the Lord.”

“The book of James says, we have to take a step towards God, it’s not that it does the changing, it’s God, but we do have to come before the Lord. This is really just a song of hope, that wherever you find yourself, you’re never too far from God.”

We are never out of reach of God’s love and forgiveness.

“I know that look you’re giving,
Like you’ve got something to prove
‘Cause I have walked for miles and miles
In that same pair of shoes

You refuse forgiveness
Like it’s something to be earned
Sometimes pain’s the only way that we can learn

You can never fall too hard,
So fast, so far
That you can’t get back
When you’re lost

Where you are is never too late,
So bad, so much
That you can’t change
Who you are, ooo-oooh
You can change who you are, ooo-oooh” – 

Chad Mattson is lead vocalist for the band Unspoken

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