Highlight : There is always hope for a prodigal

“Our kids are going to make bad choices; they’re not perfect. They’re sinners. Guess what – as parents we’re going to make bad choices!”

Phil Waldrep is passionate about bringing people to the Word of God and helping them to grow in their faith. In his years of ministry, he’s run across many people who grew up in the church but have left for one reason or another. In the face of this situation, parents grow fearful, angry, or desperate to bring their child back. Phil has another solution – pray, don’t panic. They’re not beyond God’s reach.

“When our kids make bad choices, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story.”

We can look at the gospels as proof of this. In the hours leading up to Jesus’ trial and death, His closest friend, Simon Peter, openly denied their friendship. It was a tragic scene, and one that Jesus Himself predicted at the Last Supper. Phil points out an important detail in the story.

“When Simon Peter denied he knew Christ, not once but three times, Peter made a bad decision. But Jesus still looked at him and Jesus still loved him. God did a wonderful work in Peter’s life and Peter went on to become one of the great leaders of the early church.”

Peter experienced redemption, and so can other prodigals. We can pray, hope, and continue to trust God with our prodigal’s journey.

What else can we do in the waiting season? Phil recommends surrounding yourself with safe people who can counsel you well instead of burden you with guilt.

“If we’re not careful… we all kind of feed on each other’s emotion.”

We can seek out other parents intending to pray and process, but the heat of anger can turn the meeting into a venting session. Make sure you’re going to people who are giving Biblical advice, encouraging you in your walk, and helping to keep your emotions in check as you wait for your prodigal to come home.

Phil Waldrep is the speaker, author, and evangelist. He is also the founder and president of Phil Waldrep Ministries which seeks to encourage people through the development of their relationship with God. His book is  .

Featured Songs: Believe by All Things New; Healing is In Your Hands by Christy Nockels; Sinking Ships by Lincoln Brewster

Reaching your prodigal