Why should we study the End Times?

Studying the end times can feel like a confusing task that doesn’t lead to any answers or increased clarity. However it is essential that we understand what is to come.

According to Jeff Verdoorn there are two main reasons why we should study these controversial and sometimes confusing concepts.

“The first is to come to know God, come to know Christ in a more biblical way.”

“The second goal is to understand God’s plan for the end of the age.”

The more we study the Bible with an open heart, the more we come to know God. We often feel as though what is going to happen at the end of the world is unknowable, but in reality, God has given us a lot of information about what is to come.

“I remember when I first started studying prophecy and the End Times. I would come home and talk to my wife and say, God’s telling us what’s going to happen in this world. He’s telling us the future. Why isn’t this stuff on 20/20 and Dateline?

Studying the End Times isn’t always simple, and to do so a comprehensive understanding of all of Scripture is required. Ultimately, we shouldn’t study just to gain knowledge but to know God better. There is a risk of falling into the trap of thinking that knowledge will save us.

“We’ve got to remember the first reason we do it is to come to know Christ more, to learn to trust Him more because when we know somebody we can trust them. If you’re going to trust somebody with your money or with your kids, the more you know them the more you can trust them. So, that’s the ultimate goal.”

We live in a world that spends a fortune on horoscopes and other avenues of telling the future. As Christians, God has given us a way to see into the future, through the prophetic Word of Scripture.

“God has told us in His Word His plan for the end of the age.”

Jeff Verdoorn attends Grace Church Eden Prairie where he has been teaching various bible studies for more than a dozen years. He also teaches a Worldview and Culture class at Southwest Christian.

End Times and Biblical prophecy