Are men and boys getting the short end of the stick when it comes to representation in the media?

Heather Wilhelm of Real Clear Politics discusses the importance of defending boys in a “Girl Power” age.

“These empowered girls, if they were to follow the prescription that they see in the media, are going to be working 80 hours a week to support their husbands who don’t do anything.”

The feminist movement which was intended to empower women has simultaneously devalued men and the media has coalesced behind the feminist movement in the way it portrays men and boys on television.

“It seems that there is this subtle message that boys are slackers.”

According to Heather, Disney has introduced several campaigns aimed at empowering girls, but what about boys?

“It’s kind of hilarious to see three young boys sitting in front of this infomercial for the greatness of being a girl, and you have to wonder, where are the boys here? This is so crazy.”

It’s important for both boys and girls to feel empowered in this life. However, focusing on the empowerment of one gender over the other can lead to unintended consequences.

“It’s not that hard to say that both boys and girls can achieve their dreams and yet somehow we haven’t gotten there yet.”

According to Heather these messages of encouragement directed at girls might not be as helpful as we once thought.

“The message that our kids are absorbing and I think this has gotten in the public schools as well is that girls are special, and girls deserve special attention, and that’s just crazy, you know that doesn’t do anything for girls and it certainly doesn’t for boys.”

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Highlight: Should girls get special attention over boys?

Defending boys in a “Girl Power” age

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