Highlight : We are God's provision

“We are God’s provision in the world.”

Pastor Mike Slaughter says we’re connected to the Father in every way, and we’re meant to be His hands and feet in every aspect of society.

“It often frustrates me, especially when I’m working in Sudan and we see such tragedy…one in five children die of hunger or unsafe water, unclean water and people say ‘If God’s a loving God, why does God allow that to happen?’ It’s not God’s problem; we have allowed that to happen.”

Jesus promised that His followers would do greater things than He did during His three-year ministry. We’re positioned to be outrageously generous in His name by trusting our resources, time, and families to Him. When we do that, the generosity will filter out to others.

How can we walk in faith when it comes to our finances? In his book , Mike names a few things we can do. The first step is to surrender our resources to God. Nothing will happen if we’re clinging to our checkbook with both hands; we need to open our hands and let God guide our money.

“Every faith action must take place before there’s a faith result.”

When Jesus told His disciples to feed the thousands of people, the meager food they found was put back in Jesus’ hands. Jesus blessed the bread, broke it, and used it feed every person present. God will often break our finances before using them to bless others. It may feel scary, but if the Creator of the universe can speak things into existence, He can handle our bank accounts with no trouble.

“You have to release it to increase it. When we’re willing to trust God and release what little we believe we have… that’s the problem when people feel they can’t tithe. They don’t trust that God can multiply, that God will be faithful to His promise. We have to release it to increase it, but then not use it for selfish means but use it for God’s purpose.”

Mike Slaughter, lead pastor at Ginghamsburg Church, is in his fourth decade as the chief dreamer of Ginghamsburg Church and the spiritual entrepreneur of ministry marketplace innovations. His life-long passion to reach the lost and set the oppressed free has now made him a tireless and leading advocate for the children, women and men of Darfur, Sudan, named by the U.N. as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

Key Scriptures: Matthew 25:40; Malachi 3:10

Featured Songs: Unashamed by Chris August; Impossible by Meredith Andrews; Faithful to the End by Bethel Music

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