“The stage is being set for the end times. We see it before our very eyes. It’s time for the church to wake up and to be accurate observers of the times.”

Are we living in the last days?

Bible scholar Ron Rhodes thinks the return of Christ is imminent because of what he calls the convergence factor.

“The convergence factor refers to the reality that not just one prophecy, not just two prophecies, but multiple prophecies seem to be converging in our own day indicating that the day of our redemption draws near; that the day of the rapture of the Church draws near.”

What are we seeing? Ron lays out just a few of the current events that herald the coming of Christ.

•  The rebirth of Israel in 1948.

•  The ongoing return of the Jewish people would stream back to the holy land from every nation in the world.

•  A military alliance is formed between the nations that surround Israel.

We know that the military might of ISIS and Boko Haram are rising, and currently Russia, believed to be a key player in end-times events, has alliances formed with most of these nations.

“That coalition presently exists and they have a strong motive to attack. The Muslims think that the Holy Land is theirs, and they want it back.”

God’s hand is moving to bring these prophecies to an immediate fulfillment. When this happens, Christ’s second coming is shortly to follow.

What can we do in the face of these convergences? Ron urges us to be observant, but not fearful. Watch, pray, live out the Gospel, and solidify your walk with Christ.

“Keep in mind that one of the things that Jesus criticized the first century Jewish leaders on was that they failed to recognize the signs of the times regarding the first coming of Christ. Let’s not make that same mistake. As believers, let’s not miss the signs of the times that point forward to the second coming.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 34; Matthew 25:31-46; Isaiah 44:24; John 8:58; John 1:1; Malachi 3:6; Romans 9:12-13; 2 Peter 3:9; Numbers 12

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