“It is impossible for God to fail you. Because it is not in His nature. It is not in His character. It is impossible for Him to go back on His word.”

Singer-songwriter Meredith Andrews says this promise from God led her to write , on her new album .

“It is impossible for Him not to be God.”

No matter what we are walking through, this truth does not change.

“He always keeps his promises, and He always comes through for us. And the way that that struck me.”

Susie and Meredith are close friends, and a unexpected text from Susie with the reminder of this truth became the inspiration for this song.

“The tears just started rolling down my cheeks. And immediately I just said, ‘I have to write a song that says that.’

Take a moment to consider and reflect on the truth of God’s faithfulness and power found in the song .

“You’re the one who shut the mouth of the lion
The God who put the giant in the grave
With Your hand You turned the ocean into dry land
All to save”

“You opened up the eyes of the blind man
You’re the one who calmed the storm and walked on waves
You rose and left an empty tomb behind You
All to save, all to save”

“It’s impossible for You to fail me
There’s not a day that You won’t go before me
Even when I’m at the end, I will not forget
It’s impossible for You to fail
It’s impossible for You to fail”

“Your love is deep enough to find me in the valley
And strong enough to lift me from my shame
A Holy King who freely gives me mercy
All to save, all to save”

“Though I stumble and doubt
You are here even now
Forever faithful, forever faithful
Though I can’t always see
I will choose to believe
That You are faithful, forever faithful” 

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18; Isaiah 40:31

Featured Songs: Soar; Not for a Moment; Deeper; Strong God; Glory; Impossible; The Gospel Changes Everything; I Look to the King; Extravagant

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