What does it mean to be an unoffendable person?

Brant Hansen talks about the culture of anger we’re currently living in and explore how to release offenses to live in peace, in Jesus’ Name.

“I think what we love more than anything is to feel good about ourselves.”

According to Brant, we like to be angry because it makes us feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel superior.

This need to feel better than other people actually stems from our own insecurity. We are so insecure that we attempt to manufacture counterfeit ways to make ourselves feel better than someone else.

“That’s how a lot of us tick, and anger allows us to think that we’re better than the other person.”

Anger is as natural as any other emotion, but it can easily turn into sin.

“The temptation is to think that we should hold onto it because what this other person did is wrong and it makes us feel better because we’re inherently right.”

When this happens we forget everything that we do wrong. We reach the pinnacle of self-righteousness. We are seriously mistaken when we elevate ourselves above others.

“We think that we are entitled to sit on the throne and hold on to anger against this other person in spite of the fact that we’re every bit as guilty as this person in the eyes of God.”

Unfortunately, we are all predisposed to anger and self-righteousness as a result of our sinful nature. Our culture affirms us at every turn.

“Anger is the easiest thing to do. Self-righteousness is utterly natural.”

Thankfully, God has provided a way for us to overcome our sinful tendencies. We should seek to find our identity in Him instead of in our worldly status or accomplishments. When we tackle our insecurities and stop seeking to be self-sufficient, we begin to make space for God to dissolve the anger in our hearts.

Highlight: Why do we like to be angry?

Podcast: Becoming Unoffendable

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