Religious freedom is one of the fundamental principles on which America was founded. However, that freedom has recently come under fire as Christians are targeted for expressing their beliefs. Meeke Addison joins Paul Perrault to discuss how the religious liberties of Americans are being threatened.

“What is happening today is that your Christian conviction is not welcomed in the public square.”

American secular culture might want God to be extinguished from society but even if they succeed, they won’t like what they find.

“It has been the integrity of the Christian in all facets of our community that has kept us sputtering along and prospered us at times as well.”

There are numerous examples of Christians who have been attacked for standing up for their faith.

For instance, Kelvin Cochran is a former Administrator of the United States Fire Administration. He lost his job following the release of his book on biblical sexuality which clearly outlined the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality activity.

“What you have are activist city council members who are saying that your opinion doesn’t represent our city and therefore we want you out. If this isn’t deeply troubling and disturbing to Americans I don’t know what alarm we’re waiting to hear sound.”

Meeke and her team at the American Family Association have a developed the Corporate Religious Liberties Index.

“This is an opportunity for Christians to find out exactly where businesses and corporations stand when it comes to religious liberty in the public square.”

The goal is for Christians to use the index to discover if they are able to live and work faithfully for corporations without being penalized for their convictions.

As Christians living in America, we are blessed with the opportunity to freely worship the one true God. Let’s take full advantage of this privilege and fight for the freedom of religious expression given to us by God through our Founding Fathers.

Highlight: The reality of religious freedom

The reality of religious freedom

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