Cherie Lowe and her husband found themselves under a mountain of nearly $130,000 in various forms of debt. She shares her family’s story of overcoming debt one small step at a time.

“It is never good to make drastic change.”

Making drastic changes in life are rarely successful because they aren’t sustainable.

 “If we say we’re going to read the Bible more and tomorrow we try to read the whole thing, that’s not sustainable, that’s not real change.”

The same is true when dealing with debt. Genuine, lasting change comes from making small adjustments over time that help achieve the overall goal.

Cherie references author John Trent who looks at debt recovery from this angle.

“John talks about the ‘two degree difference,’ the idea that you make much more impact when you make a two degree change than you do a 180.”

When eliminating debt, it’s easy to look for small changes you can make in your lifestyle and budget to help you save money.

“Maybe you’re going to cancel cable, maybe you’re going to only eat out once a week, or maybe you’re going to stick to a grocery budget this week.”

Just because a proposed change is small doesn’t mean it won’t have a profound impact on your bottom line and inspire you to continue making changes.

As Cherie suggests, doing something as small as making your own laundry detergent can have a surprising impact over time.

Whether or not you’re struggling with debt, maybe its time to consider one small change you could be making with your finances to help become an even better steward of the gifts God has given you.

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