Motherhood is more than a series of checklists and parenting books. Listen to Susie’s conversation with author Lisa-Jo Baker. She shares her own adventure of resisting, and then embracing, the journey and lessons of motherhood, and we talk about how to honor women who step into the parenting world.

Lisa-Jo’s mother passed away from cancer when she was only eighteen; the loss of her mother left her feeling adrift and lost. Her path to womanhood and eventual marriage was a tug-of-war between well-meaning church members who encouraged her to become a mother and Lisa-Jo’s own dread at giving up her dreams. She shares what she’s learned in the process of loving and raising three children:

Lisa-Jo’s own resistance to becoming a mother, and the encounter with a stranger that changed her heart.

The reality that God loves us for us, not for what we might do for Him.

Why motherhood is like “breaking up with yourself.”

How to let go of control and embrace the imperfections of motherhood.

Why Lisa-Jo reacted with fear and resentment when she found out she was having a daughter, and how God reassured her.

How social media and other hobbies can be a distraction for parents, and how to balance alone time with being a parent.

Grace and encouragement for mothers who work outside the home.

The biggest gift we can give our children is our prayers. Although her own mother died, Lisa-Jo shares the spiritual impact she left. “My mom’s faith was so deeply cemented into me from an early age… I knew when she prayed that Jesus was real.” Remember to go to God first and find your strength and joy in Him, and that will overflow into the lives of your children.

Key Scriptures: Colossians 1:17; Proverbs 31:15

Theme Song: Long Way Home by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : Surprised by motherhood

Surprised by motherhood

Image: Flickr

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