Mark Merrill of Family First has a word for men to prevent the destruction of their marriages:

“Stop comparing your wife to other women.”

Comparison is a toxic addition to every relationship. When you stand before God and pledge to love this person for the rest of your life, you’re choosing her, her habits, her quirks, and her process with God. In saying “yes” to one woman, you say “no” to all others.

“There will always be those around you who have traits and strengths that your wife does not. You can recognize those strengths without wishing your wife had them. Her talents and gifts from God are suited for your marriage, to help and strengthen you as a man. Thank Him for them.”

The danger of comparison is exacerbated by social media. It’s too easy to see the posts from other couples snuggling by the beach or standing up on their wedding day and compare their lives to your own.

Mark calls this their “highlight reel.” Every person keeps one – and it seldom includes the rough patches of your relationship.

Be cautious about the position of your heart when scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. Observation can quickly turn into longing, then envy, then bitterness. Praise God when things are going well for others and recognize that God has every couple in a different season.

Every couple needs Jesus the same way.

“Things aren’t always as they seem to be. That doesn’t mean people [on Facebook] don’t have awesome marriages and great kids. It just means everybody falls short. Everybody falls short of living the life that God wants us to live. And we all are sinners, but we all are saved by the One who is perfect.”

Mark shares this and six other suggestions for husbands in his article, 7 things husbands should stop doing.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 1; James 3; Ephesians 4:32

Featured Songs: Strength of My Heart by Rend Collective; I Believe by Chris August; Can’t Be Moved by Jeremy Camp

Highlight : Stop comparing your wife to other women

7 things husbands should stop doing