In order to evangelize effectively, not only do Christians need to understand the Gospel, they need to be equipped to answer the questions people are asking. Don Everts discusses the importance of answering the right questions in evangelism.

In the past, when people were presented with the Gospel, they wanted to know if it made logical, rational sense. In today’s world, people aren’t asking if the Gospel makes sense logically; they want to understand how it applies to them, in their everyday life.

“If your neighbors are saying, ‘Does your Gospel work in real life?’ and your answer is ‘Yes, it makes logical, rational sense,’ we’re not scratching where people are itching.”

Even if we know the Gospel, we must be prepared to answer questions in a way that makes sense from the perspective of the unbeliever.

As Christians, we should be wary of falling into the trap of believing that we can bring people to Christ with the right formula. Ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit that works through us to bring people to Christ.

Sometimes we are well-equipped and we have answers, just not the right ones.

“I came to the realization that I’m really well trained to answer questions people aren’t asking anymore. I don’t get to do evangelism on my terms.”

We have to learn to meet people where they are, trusting the Holy Spirit to empower us speak to their questions and concerns.

Mystery of salvation

Another important aspect of evangelism that cannot be forgotten is that God is ultimately the author of salvation, not us.

“God is the one doing it. The conversion isn’t just intellectual or psychological, but it’s bone-deep mysterious.”

This concept of conversion can be frustrating for Christians. However, it can also be freeing to know that we don’t have to rely on our strength to win salvation for others. We can rely on God and His perfect timing. Ask God to prepare you to be able to have the right answers to the questions that unbelievers are asking.

Key Scriptures: John 11:25Matthew 4:19

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