Ramadan ends today. How are you praying for Muslims around the world? Listen to Susie’s conversation with Fouad Masri of The Crescent Project. He shares how we can serve and love Muslims and reach them in Jesus’ Name.

For many Muslims, they believe the Bible is corrupted only because they’ve been told that’s the case. “Muslims around me have not only incorrect information but it’s traditional information – [passed down] from one generation to another. Millions of Muslims around me have never seen a page of the Bible.” Fouad formed The Crescent Project to build a bridge between Christ-followers and their Muslim neighbors and break down misconceptions of Christianity.

What can we do to serve those around us who follow the teachings of Mohammed?

• Invite a Muslim to dinner.

“There are now believers from all backgrounds… Muslims can see that the gospel is not one denomination or one race. The gospel doesn’t belong only to African-Americas or Caucasians or Latinos. The gospel belongs to everybody.” Fouad says there is hope. “In the last 20 years, more Muslims have become followers of Christ than in the last 14 centuries.”

• Ask questions about their beliefs.

• Pray for them.

• Reach out to the women.

“Seventy percent of Muslim women don’t know how to read or write. They have no idea what’s out there. They have no idea that God says ‘I redeem you. You are My daughter.’ Many Muslim women are not aware that God loves them because of who they are, not because they achieve something for [men].”

Key Scriptures: John 15:15

Theme Song: We Must Not by Selah

Highlight : The story of the Crescent Project

Reaching Muslims

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