The journey of raising children can be a harrowing, frustrating, confusing, humbling, and joyful one. How can the act of choosing praise strengthen our faith in that season?

Author Becky Harling joins Susie to talk about how gratitude can change the way we parent!

During a season of walking through a breast cancer diagnosis, a friend challenged Becky to praise God for twenty minutes every day and see how it strengthened her faith. “As I dedicated myself… the presence of God came so close and He quieted my anxiety. Fifteen years later… that’s still my practice early in the morning.”

Becky says choosing joy can alter our focus, if not our situation.

“When we begin to praise God because He is in charge of our kids’ lives, it takes on a more positive tenor. When we lift a banner of praise over our family, it does provide a protective shield, and Satan is allergic to praise. It’s like we have a double weaponry against the enemy. When he starts in your mind, you have to clobber him by praising the name of Jesus and using Scripture. When you realize the power of praise in your life, it changes the focus, it changes your attitude, it change everything.”

Becky and Susie explore

• How praising God makes it easier to surrender your children’s futures to Him.

• Parenting from a place of fear and anxiety.

• The power of God to use your prayers even after your children are grown and out of the house.

• Breaking generational sins through praise.

Key Scriptures: Ezekiel 36:25-27; Ephesians 6:4; Philippians 4:4

Featured Songs: Let Them See You by JJ Weeks Band; Made New by Lincoln Brewster; Today is Beautiful by David Dunn

Highlight : Make time for praise

The power of praise in parenting

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