Jesus has become irrelevant for millions of young people around the world – but God is working to bring them to Himself. Aaron and Ben Pierce of Steiger International join us in studio to talk about a global outreach to secular youth. Since the 1970s, Steiger has used art, music, and culture to reach young people between ages 17 and 35 who have grown up without any kind of church background.

Ben shares his passion for what he does.

“People work hard everywhere. Most of them are doing it for something they don’t believe in – I feel completely privileged to labor in this way for something that really matters. Anything good is hard.”

Aaron agrees – it’s a labor, but a labor of love for the name of Christ.

“The challenge is, how do we get around the misconceptions they have about Jesus? We have our band, No Longer Music, and we combine theater and effects to demonstrate the character of Jesus and we lift up the message of the cross. If people are going to be reached, it’s not going to be by some persuasive argument – it’s going to be by God’s power. We’ve seen some of the most hardened people turn their lives to Christ because of God’s power.”

Over the past ten months, Steiger has toured and shared the Gospel in some of the harshest places, including

• Turkey
• Ukraine
• Poland
• Albania

“The biblical morality is not the standard that’s accepted. It’s a relativistic mindset – we need to recognize that people see the world differently. Too often we’re communicating the gospel as though people still have that Christian mindset.”

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 11:6; 1 Corinthians 2:2-4; Joshua 1:9

Featured Songs: Christ is Enough by Hillsong; There is Power by Lincoln Brewster; We Are by Kari Jobe

Highlight : A Muslim meets Jesus

The power of the Gospel in reaching secular youth

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Susie and Pierces