Do you feel alone in your attempts to raise godly children? Listen as Susie talks with author Lynn Donovan. She’s living in a spiritually mismatched marriage, and she talks about how to raise your children with faith within that context. Lynn’s book is .

Lynn was raised in a church-going family but didn’t have a true relationship with Jesus. She was living a prodigal life when she met her husband; three years into their marriage, Jesus called her to Himself. From that point on, Lynn and her husband began to clash over family values, media, and the eventual child-rearing years that followed.

From a place of prayer and calling, Lynn started discipling her children and raising them with a strong sense of faith in Jesus. She shares what she’s learned about passing faith on to her children.

“We as [Christian] wives are striving to live according to God’s principles. We often struggle with this whole thing of spiritual leadership. I stepped into that role with humility and respect for my husband. It allowed me to live my faith out loud in front of my kids, share with them my heart about Jesus and become the true spiritual leader of the home until my husband comes to a place of faith and he wants to step into that role. As women sometimes we struggle with that. And God is depending on you, Mom; if your husband is unwilling or unable, step into that role until he is.”

Lynn also addresses:

• The importance of maintaining respect for your spouse in the midst of disagreements.

• How to handle Sunday morning battles over getting your children to church.

• Living your faith out in front of the children.

• Looking for “teachable moments” in the day to share Jesus with children.

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 6:10-17; 1 Peter 3:1-2

Theme Song: Kingdom Coming by Worship Central

Highlight : What if my children don’t want to go to church?

Parenting when your spouse doesn’t believe