Do you feel that you’re missing something crucial in your daily life? Listen to Susie’s conversation with Charles Morris, host of Haven Today. We unpack the mystery of faith and talk about why the most well-intended, ritualized religion is empty and stagnant without Jesus.

Charles and Susie explore our tendency to miss Jesus in the pages of the Bible. He was told by a Bible professor in his younger years,

“If you want to understand the Bible, you’ve got to read the Bible through the Jesus lens.”

Charles had met Jesus and was a Christian but he’d fallen into the routine of memorizing verses and doing ministry at the expense of spending time with his Savior. Charles especially cautions those who are in vocational ministry against pride and self-promotion. Life can’t be all about us. “When it’s revolving around me, it’s not revolving around Christ.”

Charles says there are a number of things we can do to refocus on Jesus when we find ourselves living for a list of rules:

• Turn off the television. Turn off your phone. Turn everything off and just sit down with your Bible and a journal.
• Remove baggage and unhelpful habits from your day that battle for your affection and loyalty.
• Talk to Jesus about what’s going on in your day and ask Him for strength and eternal perspective.

When we walk with Jesus, he leads us through every season and emotion, including grief. Charles and Janet share a painful story of losing their son Jeff to a drug overdose.

“The last six weeks of his life, he would call me every Saturday night and he’d say ‘Dad, are you going to church tomorrow? You wanna pick me up? I wanna hear the gospel.’ His girlfriend told us after he died that he’d started reading the Bible again.”

In this process, Jesus has been present with the Morris family in a whole new way.

“The Lord is never finished with us… as long as we’re seeking grace in our lives, it never diminishes. It always abounds. The impact that the cross-centered life has on us will never be less, it will always be more. I’m so thankful that I don’t have to miss Jesus.”

Key Scriptures: Luke 24:32; Romans 12:1-2

Theme Song: Guardian by Ben Cantelon

Highlight : Are you missing Jesus?

Are you missing Jesus?

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