The decisions we make each day shape our lives, so how do we make certain that they are wise choices?

Jeff Shinabarger joins us to tackle what he says are the two most important words in our vocabulary Yes or No the title of his new book on decision making and it’s profound life implications.

He guides us toward making better decisions and paints a picture of what Godly decision making looks like for you, your family, and your business.  We also find answers to a big question so many of us have – “What do we do when we don’t know what to do?”

In our life, we’ll face moments of decisions that run the gamut from mundane to profoundly complex. We often come face to face with the latter in times of tension and moments of transition.

Therefore, what factors should guide the decisions we make? Jeff says that those we love will play a huge role in the process. So what do you love and who do you love? The answers will reveal who is going to shape your decisions.

Amidst all of the variables, there are 7 distinct decision making styles:

•   Forming a decision based on a gut reaction to events as they unfold.
•   The data driven approach that needs to know all the numbers and statistics underlying the decision to be made.
•   The list approach that carefully considers the pros and cons of the choice to be made.
•   A “story living” approach that tries everything at least once and is motivated by experience.
•   A stance of “collective reasoning”.
•   A “spiritual guide” approach.
•   A passive or undecided approach.

Highlight: 5 Approaches

To improve your ability when it comes to decision making, it’s quite helpful to understand the style with which you naturally approach a decision.

Making better decisions